BAILEY HILLS PRINT+WOOL designs and produces quality printed wool fabrics and products for interiors by using the skilled craft of hand-screen printing, together with technological  advances in the digital printing of wool.

The daughter of an architect, founder Jane Walker worked as a commercial interior designer for over 20 years for architects and design practices on a wide variety of projects nationwide. She retrained as a Printed Textile Designer at Loughborough University, graduating in 2010.

Inspired by her mill-owning ancestors who produced woollen and worsted cloth in her native Yorkshire and using the new-found skills acquired when retraining, she began exploring the possibilities of printing her colourful designs onto woven wool cloth for interior applications in 2010.

Amazed by the wide variety of wool cloth manufactured in Britain today and understanding the advantages of using wool in interiors from her previous career, Jane launched her first bespoke and limited edition products in 2012 after much research and development. The Bailey Hills name was taken from the area of Bingley, West Yorkshire where her ancestors had lived. BAILEY HILLS PRINT+WOOL has now extended its range of products by developing digitally printed designs as fabric by the metre, cushions and other accessories. Research and development work continues into printing on all types of wool by way of collaborations with industry partners. This forms an important part of Jane’s work behind the scenes.

The BAILEY HILLS PRINT+WOOL studio is based in Leicestershire in the East Midlands, UK. Jane supports British wool cloth manufacturers by using their cloth, her designs are hand screen printed in-house and digitally printed by UK printers. Products are made up with the help of small local businesses in the East Midlands. She is a brand supporter of the Campaign for Wool organisation and through her work tries to encourages more year-round use of wool, especially for interior applications.


In addition to the print collections, we can also offer bespoke print designs for customers’ special interior or furniture projects. Some digital prints from the collections can also be rescaled to suit your specific requirements.



Bailey Hills would also be very interested in collaborating with manufacturers and fabric houses to produce bespoke pattern designs for fabrics, rugs, carpets, tiles and wallpaper etc.

Please contact us if this is of interest.